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"Education is all a matter of building bridges."

- Ralph Ellison

Duke Ellington School of the Arts
3500 R Street NW, Washington, DC 20007
Main Office: 202.282.0123
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2022-2023 Administration, Faculty & Staff

Name/PositionContact Information
Isaac Daniel, Chair
(Assistant Principal)
Jamie Floyd
(Assistant Principal )
Donna Hayden
(Director of Administrative Operations)
Vernard Howard
(Director of Strategy & Logistics)
Lee Jackson
(Director of Finance)
Lisa Jones
(Assistant Principal)
Sandi Logan
(Head of School & Principal)
Keyonna Sims
(Dean of Students)
Greg Watkins
(Director of SEL (Social/Emotional Learning) & Student Affairs)
Name/PositionContact Information
Deidra Bell
(Administrative Aide)
Melissa Bethea
(Library Media Specialist)
Marco Brooks
(Instructional Coach)
Melvin Clay
(IT Specialist)
Ajahmure Clovis
(Alumni Coordinator)
Phone: (202) 699-5323
Amber Golden
(S.H.A.D.E. President)
Tyler Hoyle
(Communications & External Affairs Manager)
Veronica Martin
(Executive Assistant to the Principal)
Dana Nearing
(Registrar/Gender & Sexuality Alliance Advisor)
Phone: 202-727-6404
Kayla Roach
(Admissions Associate)
Tony Starnes
(Audio/Visual Manager)
Maxine Stone
(Executive Administrative Support Manager)
Jennifer Turner
(Testing Coordinator)
Trena Woods
(Academic Administrative Support)
Ellington Fund
Name/PositionContact Information
Ari Fitzgerald
Jackie Love-Baker
(Development Director)
Name/PositionContact Information
Cafeteria Manager
Rhonda Keith
(Head Foreman)
Finance & HR
Name/PositionContact Information
Barbara Bennett
(Senior Accountant)
Valerie Fowlkes Bynum
(Accounting Manager)
Arnold Hawkins
(Human Resources Officer)
Lee Jackson
(Director of Finance)
Student Support Services
Name/PositionContact Information
James Ballard
(School Psychologist)
Peter Boccardi
(9th Grade Social Worker)
Larry Davis
(9th & 10th Grades School Counselor)
Nicole Frazier
(Social Worker & 504 Coordinator)
Nicole Frazier
(9th & 12th Graders Social Worker & 504 Coordinator)
Cinthya Gianella
Delphenia James
(School Nurse)
Suwana Reavis
(11th & 12th Grades School Counselor)
Sabrina Smith
(In-School Support Specialist)
Crystal Sylvia
(10th & 11th Graders Social Worker & 504 Coordinator)
Name/PositionContact Information
Ayanna Hardy
(Musical Theatre)
Name/PositionContact Information
Gabrielle Dubose
(English II)
Suzette Francis
(English III, AP Language & Composition)
Cinthya Gianella
Habib Jah
(English I & II (Pre-AP))
Cullen Swinson, Chair
(English I)
Anthony Verlich
(English IV)
Health & Physical Fitness
Name/PositionContact Information
Leonard Nelson
(Physical Education)
Andre Steward
Nikki Sutton-Mackey
(Physical Education, Dance Technique I, Dance Composition, Modern Dance II)
Name/PositionContact Information
Andrew Asare
Victor Ashiara
(Math Instructional Coach )
Harry Geddis
(AP Statistics, Statistics, Algebra II)
Katrina Kasinowski
(Geometry, Algebra II)
Summaya Khalid
(Honors Algebra ll, Honors Geometry ll, Geometry)
Charise Shaw, Chair
(Algebra I, Pre-Calculus, Honors Pre-Calculus, AP Calculus)
Name/PositionContact Information
Cedric Buckley, Chair
(AP Biology, Honor Chemistry)
Gabrielle Harper
(Physics & Biology)
Nicolette Joseph
(Biology, Environmental Science)
Eileen Pascucci
Lauren Williams
Social Sciences
Name/PositionContact Information
Sebastian Carias
(AP Government, DC History)
Stephen Edge
(US History, AP US History)
Jonathan Fruendt
(World History II, AP World History)
Jeff Johnson
(World History I, Pre-AP World History)
Lynn Moore, Chair
(World History, Geography I, Street Law)
Specialized Instruction
Name/PositionContact Information
Megan Crowley
(Special Education Teacher)
Troy Cudworth
(Character Exploration, Study Skills Development)
Ivan Johnson
(LEA Representative/Coordinator)
Ben Smith
(SPED Coordinator)
World Languages
Name/PositionContact Information
Joshua Jenkins
(Spanish I & II)
Elie Matamba
Laura Moticka, Chair
(Italian I, II & III, Senior Project )
Yura Schreiber
(French I & II)
Name/PositionContact Information
Charles Augins, Chair
(Dance Tech, Ballet ll)
Sandra Fortune-Green
(Ballet III & IV)
Tammy Hurt
Adrian Vincent James
Treanna Reid-Alexander
(Modern I, Dance Improvisation, Dance Orientation)
Katherine Smith
(Modern III & IV, Dance History, Senior Project)
Nikki Sutton-Mackey
(Physical Education, Dance Technique I, Dance Composition, Modern Dance II)
Instrumental Music
Name/PositionContact Information
Joanne Alme
(Saxophone Technique)
Michael Bowie
Norman Brentley
(Flute Technique, Flute Ensemble)
Reginald Cyntje
(Jazz Studies Director, Jazz Technique, Jazz History, Composition)
Isaac Daniel, Chair
(Assistant Principal)
Tyra Flotte
(Clarinet Technique, Conducting, Wind Ensemble, Radical Elite Show Band, Music Theory II, Concert Band)
Dupor Georges
(Trombone Technique, AP Music Theory)
Lynne Gray
(Piano Theory, Music History)
Kieron Irvine
(Trumpet Tech I-IV, Wind Ensemble, Radical Elite Show Band)
Christina Kharazian
(Violin Technique)
Jisang Lee
(Sight Singing II, Tuba)
Margaret McGillivray
(French Horn)
Haewon Min
(Piano Technique, Piano Ensemble, Harp Technique)
Bruno Nasta
(Viola, Violin)
Janet Peachey
(Music Theory, Composition, AP Theory)
Denna Purdie
(Cello Technique lll, Cello Technique llll, String Ensemble)
Ada Saunders
Francis Thompson
(Percussion Technique, Music Theory)
Literary Media & Communications
Name/PositionContact Information
Elon Durant
Eric Easter
(Journalism II & III)
Penny Hollis, Chair
(Media I,II,III, Play Analysis)
Oscar Jamaal
(Mass Media & Communications I, II & III)
Ellington Robinson
Aisha Tyehimba
(African American Lit, Senior Portfolio)
Derrick Weston Brown
(Creative Writing)
Museum Studies
Name/PositionContact Information
Lamarr Funn
Jarvis Grant
(Archives, Collections & Exhibitions, Digital Media, Museum Communications l & ll)
Gabriela Lujan
(Curatorial Skills)
Ayanna Muhammad
(Art A, Cultural Studies, Art History, Gallery Management, Museum Communications III)
Francesca Scott
Marta Reid Stewart, Chair
(Art A, Intro Museum Studies, Curatorial Skills, Museum Education, Museum Internship)
Barry Wilson
Technical Design & Production
Name/PositionContact Information
Betty Fenner Davis
(Costume Technology, Basic Costumes, Technical Production)
Robin Harris, Chair
(Curriculum & Logistics Coordinator/Instructor, Entertainment Careers, Stagecraft, Stage Management, Theatre Operations II)
Michael Murray
(Costume Shop Manager, Theatre Operations)
Latrice Negron
(Lighting Instructor)
Thom Woodward
(Audio Visual Technology, Audio Visual Design, Technical Production)
Name/PositionContact Information
Kim Bey
(Acting IV)
Kaia Calhoun
(Acting I Styles, Acting II Styles, Theatre History, Speech )
Kendall Claxton
(Introduction to Theatre)
Ryan Fields
Jacqueline Hammond
Ayanna Hardy
(Musical Theatre)
Ken Johnson, Chair
(Senior Projects, Playwriting, Advanced Practice)
Dawn Naser
(Movement, Theater Operations)
Elizabeth Pringle
Keona Welch
(Audition Practices)
Visual Arts
Name/PositionContact Information
Elana Casey
(Art A, AP Art History, AP Studio Art, Internship & Professional Practices)
Mike Easton, Chair
(Art A, Painting, Drawing III)
Derek Horton
(2D Concepts, Advertising Design)
David Ibata
(Art A, 2D Concepts, Art History)
Patricia Little
(Photography (Imaging I & II))
Jacqueline Maggi
(Printmaking, Sculpture)
Alexander McSwain
(Computer Graphics, Animation)
Vocal Music
Name/PositionContact Information
Monifa Barrow-Wass
(Sight-Singing I-IV)
Rob Blount
(Intro to Sight Singing)
Chester Burke Jr.
(Piano Theory I & II, Collaborative Pianist)
Koon Ee (Alex) Chan
Michael Ely
(Collaborative Pianist)
Antonio Espinal
Reginald Golden
(Concert Choir)
Xavier Joseph
(Vocal Technique I-IV, Concert Choir, Public Speaking)
Kelly Lenahan
(Collaborative Pianist)
Sandi Lewanika
(Sight Singing II)
Patrick Lundy, Chair
(Chair of Vocal Music Department)
Danielle McKay
Tess Ottinger
(Voice, Music History, Female Ensemble)
Paige Rammelkamp
(Collaborative Pianist)
Liz Seller
(Collaborative Pianist)
Monique Spells
(Vocal Technique, Diction, Concert Choir, Show Choir)
Ying-Shan Su
(Collaborative Pianist)
Everett Williams
Taylor Young
(Jazz Ensemble)