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Admissions Calendar & Audition Schedule



Important admissions dates:

And for students who have passed an audition:

  • Academic Assessment Test
  • Mandatory Arts Presentation Night
  • Family Interviews

For ALL auditions:

  1. Read the schedule below carefully so you know when to come for your audition, and plan to arrive early.
  2. Be sure to review the audition procedures to know what to expect, how to prepare, and any special instructions there may be for that department as to what to bring or how to be dressed. Audition procedures are found here:
  3. CHECK-IN TIME: You can check in for your audition as early 12:30PM but no earlier.
    • Theatre students who have callbacks Thursday, Friday or Monday can check in as early as 10:00AM.
    • Vocal Music students who have callbacks Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Monday or Tuesday can check in as early as 4:30PM.
  1. Be on time to your audition! We realize that traffic can be an issue, but some auditions cannot be joined late. If possible, be early!
  2. Be prepared to stay a few hours with us– auditions take varying amounts of time. Note that parents/guardians do not need to wait at school while students are auditioning, and cannot sit in on auditions. We will have space for family/supporters to wait for auditions comfortably at Ellington should they chose to do so.
  3. If your student needs any special accommodations or support for the AUDITION DAY, please send an email directly to our Director of Enrollment, Mrs. Williams ( .
  4. In addition to any audition-specific items, please bring the following with you to your audition:
    1. A copy of your latest report card if a newer one has been released since you completed your online application, and
    2. A copy of any recommendation letters only if they were submitted to the online application later than February 3. If they were submitted on or before the 3rd we will already have them.

If after completing your application you have decided that you would like to change which 1 or 2 departments you would like to audition for, please contact Mrs. Williams at or 202-631-3129. Please also contact Mrs. Williams if you are traveling from out of town for auditions, and must make advance travel arrangements.

Schedules can be found by clicking your department below:
Instrumental Music
Literary Media and Communications
Museum Studies
Technical Design and Production
Visual Arts
Vocal Music