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Shepherding Program

"One of the processes of your life is to constantly break down that inferiority, to constantly reaffirm that I Am Somebody."

- Alvin Ailey

Ellington’s Shepherding Program is designed to respond to the educational and cultural realities of being at Ellington, and managing to face the challenges of balancing a full academic load with an intense artistic training.

Prior to the first day of school, this program provides students with a highly personalized framework for academic learning, artistic training, and human development. All incoming students attend a summer retreat, after which they are assigned an Ellington faculty member as their “Shepherd,” and attend workshops that help them set goals, build self-esteem and self-confidence, and understand the value system that is used at Ellington.

Camp Moss Hollow

Camp Moss Hollow

The Shepherding Program…

  • Provides a supportive and consistent framework for learning
  • Gives students a head start on their secondary education
  • Involves teachers, administrators, and staff in the lives of students inside and outside of school
  • Offers career-oriented counseling and guidance
  • Facilitates parent-school interaction
  • Supports, nurtures, and encourages marginal students
  • Promotes and accelerates strong studies
  • Identifies and assists those students who may have social, educational or emotional challenges

The program provides strategies for success by frequent interaction with an adult, time management skills, and adjustment to being an artistic and academic student.