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Counseling Department
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Suwana Reavis, Counselor
Larry Davis, Counselor

Every Ellington student is assigned a school counselor. While your child’s specific needs will change from year to year, your child’s school counselor ensures that your child is college-ready and armed with post-secondary options. We work closely with students, making sure that they:

  • achieve academically and artistically,
  • begin and complete the college and career search,
  • manage time and improve study skills,
  • learn about extracurricular and co-curricular opportunities (summer study, evening programs, study and test preparation, etc.
  • apply for scholarships and grants
  • and more!

We also collaborate with colleagues, parents, and our communities, and monitoring and fostering student progress through meetings, school programs, and data collection, and serving as advocates for our students. We have many resources at our fingertips and are eager to help counsel your family through your Ellington experience!

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