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Ellington Online

"Whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas; what happens on Twitter stays on Google forever!"

- Jure Klepic,

The Ellington A Train is a curated celebration of academic excellence and artistic achievement at Duke Ellington School of the Arts in Washington, DC. Site visitors can connect to all the school’s official social media channels which include Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, LinkedIn, and SoundCloud. These social media channels organize and manage Ellington’s digital archives and gives the public opportunity to be engaged with our institution meaningfully. The Ellington A Train is also equipped to collect data about our visitors so that we learn more about our audience, content, and digital archives.

Duke Ellington School of the Arts’

Official Social Media Channels

The Ellington Facebook page is an interactive platform to exhibit, celebrate and inform students, alumni, family and supporters of daily news, activities and promotions within the school.  Information about the season, individual departments, and promotional information will be found within this page. –

The Ellington Instagram page is a photo based platform that allows students, alumni, and supporters to connect with the school through post, videos and text grams. The post will share promotions, school culture, alumni and student news. –

Twitter – Blog Updates, Real-Time Information, and #DESA
All blog content updates to Ellington’s Twitter account. @DukeEllingtonDC provides updates from the Ellington A Train Tumblr blog, school performances, fundraisers, and general school news.

Flickr – Ellington’s Digital Image Archive
The Duke Ellington Flickr channel will feature photo and design work from Visual Arts, documentary photography from Museum Studies, as well as photojournalism and editorial photo work by Literary Media and Communications students.

Ellington YouTube Channel – Community Video Sharing
Student video work, event promotions, featured playlists, and community submissions are featured on the Duke Ellington Media YouTube Channel. Video can be submitted to the YouTube channel from the Ellington Community Submissions page on the Ellington A Train Tumblr blog. All submission are moderated.

Vimeo – Digital Media Archive with Content Monetization
The Duke Ellington Vimeo Channel features documentary films, celebrity workshops, along with student and guest performances available for free, and pay-per-view. Ellington’s annual Senior Graduation, Senior Showcase, Winter Recital performances and more are available for viewing on this channel. Eighty percent (80%) of sales from this channel support the Literary Media and Communications department, an additional 10% goes to the Ellington Arts Pot shared by all arts departments and managed under the office of the Director of Artistic Affairs. Donations to the “tip jar” feature on Vimeo videos go directly to the Ellington Arts Pot.

The Ellington Sound! – SoundCloud
The Duke Ellington SoundCloud Channel features exclusive Question and Answer sessions and interviews of celebrity guests, along with exclusive recordings from professional music recording artists produced by the Ellington Recording Studio. This channel also includes exceptional original works created by Ellington students, faculty, and Alumni.

Ellington Facebook Page – General School News, Updates, and Community
All content featured on the Ellington A Train Tumblr is automatically published to Duke Ellington School of the Arts Official Facebook Page to increase engagement of content, news, and updates generated by Duke Ellington’s Social Media Channels. Students, Faculty, Staff and the extend Ellington community can share updates, news, and announcements with ease by connecting to our Facebook page.

Ellington A Train Email Subscription!
Feedburner email subscription and distribution allows our audience to receive up-to-date  content via email conveniently, without need to visit our social sites. Our audience can subscribe using the email subscription box on the blog, or via this link to our online subscription form which can be shared via email newsletter and the WB.