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World Languages

"« La vie n'est pas un plaisir, ni une douleur, mais une affaire grave, dont nous sommes chargés, et qu'il faut terminer à notre honneur. » Translation in English « Life is neither a pleasure nor a sorrow; it is a serious affair with which we are charged, and toward which our duty is to acquit ourselves as well as possible. »"

- Alexis de Tocqueville

World Languages seeks to develop students’ linguistic and intercultural competencies in French, Italian and Spanish, all of which are taught by native speakers.  Classroom instructions proceed in the language students are studying, albeit with clarifications given in English when necessary.  This approach familiarizes students with the vocabulary and structures to which they will be formally introduced to fulfill DCPS’ world languages requirements for graduation, i.e., two consecutive years of study of one language.

Students’ linguistic skills are enriched through the systematic study of thematic vocabulary and their derivatives, the coherent and progressive study of grammatical structures, and exposure to the diverse cultural heritage of EU member states.  To this end, at each level of the curriculum lessons reinforce practical communicative skills in the second language with relevant cultural vignettes, personal anecdotes, brief historical accounts and the literary movements associated with them.  This approach encourages them to reflect on the close connection between language and culture and to identify cross-cultural similarities and differences between their own language and culture and the language and culture they are studying.

Course Sequence:

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4
French I or II French II French III French IV, V, and AP
Italian I or II Italian II Italian III Italian III
Spanish I or II Spanish II Spanish III or IV Spanish III or IV
1 Credit 1 Credit 1 Credit 1 Credit (optional)


Online Syllabi

Course Instructor Syllabus
French IYura SchreiberView Syllabus
French IIYura SchreiberView Syllabus
Italian ILaura MotickaView Syllabus
Italian IILaura MotickaView Syllabus
Spanish IView Syllabus
Spanish IIView Syllabus
Spanish IIYura SchreiberView Syllabus