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"They are poets of gesture."

- George Balanchine (choreographer) on his dancers; Life, May 1984

Dance majors develop their abilities through a progression of courses that include orientation, history, composition, production, tap, ethnic dance (African), four levels of a Vaganova-based ballet technique and three levels of modern dance. A rigorous professional teaching approach equips dance majors physically and mentally to pursue a dance career. In addition, classes with master teachers focus on areas not emphasized in the curriculum. (The Physical Education requirement is satisfied by select dance courses.) Upon graduation, dance students are encouraged to continue their training at a higher level. Some begin their performance careers immediately.

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Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4
Ballet I Ballet II Ballet III Ballet IV
Modern Dance I Modern Dance II Modern Dance III Modern Dance IV
Dance Orientation Dance History Dance Improvisation Senior Project
Potpourri Dance Technique Dance Composition  
Ethnic Dance I & I      


Online Syllabi

Course Instructor Syllabus
Dance HistoryKatherine SmithView Syllabus
Dance ImprovisationTreanna Reid-AlexanderView Syllabus
Dance OrientationTreanna Reid-AlexanderView Syllabus
Modern ITreanna Reid-AlexanderView Syllabus
Modern IINikki Sutton-MackeyView Syllabus
Modern III & IVKatherine SmithView Syllabus
Senior ProjectKatherine SmithView Syllabus


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