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Health & Physical Education

"Rhythmic patterns can be observed not only in the beating of the heart...but also in the recurrent formation of cells and tissues."

- Dr. Hans Jeny in The Unesco Courier, December 1969


Health courses teach students the elements of good health and the factors that affect their well-being. Students will learn how to make appropriate health decisions and how commonly accepted misinformation influences those decisions. Evaluation of health information as relevant and reliable is a critical concept of health education. The department will emphasize prevention of physical and mental problems, stressing that certain art forms present health risks.

Physical Education

At Ellington, students feel the magic and transcendence of movement, dance, and athletics, and increase their understanding of academic subjects. Students will demonstrate their knowledge of the elements for good health, nutrition and other factors that affect their well-being. With knowledge gained about health issues and body conditioning, students will make appropriate decisions relative to their mental and physical health. Students will utilize the knowledge and skills acquired to evaluate their body conditions and personal health. Then, they will make appropriate decisions about their physical, social emotional and cognitive development over their life span. Duke Ellington will implement and provide a model for physical fitness and health education that affords students the opportunity not only to excel, but also to exceed the physical education requirements in the District of Columbia Public Schools.

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Year 1 Year 2
Theater Students: Movement I Health Education
Dance Students: Ballet I Health Education
All Other Students: Physical Education Health Education
1 Credit ½ Credit