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Museum Studies

2022 Audition Procedures – Museum Studies


All students must complete an audition profile on our virtual audition platform, Acceptd ( The portal to create your Virtual Audition Profile will open in December 2021. Students will have until February 1, 2022, to upload all their audition materials. Auditions begin in early February and are scheduled by art department and the first letter of your last name. Please be sure to review all requirements outlined below. Once you create a profile, and upload all your materials, you will log-in the day of your audition and join us virtually!

In addition to the suggestions below on creating a studio in your own home, please note that you should be in a quiet and well-lit space, be sure that your computer or phone are fully charged and functioning properly. While we understand that many of you may be uncomfortable on camera, that is a requirement for all auditions. All virtual auditions just like in-person auditions are closed to parents/guardians, family members or peers. If there is anyone else in the room with you during your audition, you may be disqualified. If you leave during your audition, you may also be disqualified.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the above, please contact the Admissions Office at or call 202-631-3129.

NOTE: Museum Studies will now only have virtual auditions.

What We Are Looking For

In Museum Studies we are looking for students who exhibit intellectual curiosity – who are particularly interested in history, social studies, visual arts and/or technology. Students should have a desire to learn more about art and culture and how to effectively use computers to develop visual presentations through photography, graphic design and video.

What to Upload/How to Prepare

Students must take clear photos and upload individually the following to their audition:

  1. THREE personal objects that tell something about the student, to present them as a display, and discuss the reasons for the selections,
  2. FIVE finished visual art pieces (such as a collage, a 3-D sculpture, a drawing or painting), or a science or social studies project/report (this can be an image or PDF – depends on the project) completed during the past school year, to discuss during the interview.

The Audition Process Itself

Students auditioning in Museum Studies will both interview and participate in sessions over two separate days related to curiosity, research, creativity, and communication/presentation skills. Additionally, students during the audition will write a 250-word or more essay relevant to Museum Studies.  Previous applicants have exhibited their interest in the arts, science, or history by performing either a musical piece or a drama presentation, or presenting a project done in one of these areas.  

Have a Successful Audition

  1. Be prepared to talk about yourself and why you are interested in Museum Studies.
  2. Upload to your profile in the Acceptd Audition Platform pictures representing your audition items (personal objects and visual art pieces/social studies or science project examples)
    • Be sure pictures capture the entire object, use good lighting and a clear lens.
    • Have the items with you during your virtual audition.
  3. Present yourself well – arrive promptly, dress professionally, speak clearly and confidently.


  • All departments offer Virtual & In-person Audition Workshops in December and January to help students prepare for their official audition. Students who participate will be able to learn what to bring, review the audition procedures, learn how to build a portfolio, present their work with confidence, and prepare their work for the audition. Visit for more information and how to sign up – workshops cost $10. This fee can be waived for special circumstances, please email if you would like to request one.
  • Auditions begin the first week of February 2022 – immediately after the application deadline! Make sure to visit our website to review the audition schedule. Auditions are scheduled through the Acceptd Virtual Audition platform, for all students who successfully apply via MySchoolDC. You must view your audition date and time based on your art department and the first letter of your last name.
  • Please note that callbacks, shadow visits and family interviews may all be held in person if it’s possible to do so safely.