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Principal’s Desk

Principal’s Desk

Greetings Ellington Family,

Congratulations! A new school year is upon us and we’re still here! The last six months were challenging, but we made it through. That unprecedented experience has equipped us to successfully navigate the upcoming journey.

I am extremely proud of our community, especially in the way we fought and cared for our students. I can’t fully express my gratitude for your commitment and dedication.

This week, we want to focus on processes as teachers and students alike adjust to our new learning environment. There is a lot to learn and grow familiar with, but fortunately, we have a ton of resources to help us along the way.

We previously sent you several invaluable resources that you should be aware of, including our guide to reopening; instructions for student log-ins; and the Parent Portal Quick Guide for Aspen. There’s also an offer for a free download of Microsoft Office 365 Pro Plus for Education.

The District has created a DCPS Parent Portal. It’s designed to create open communication between teachers and families to more easily work as a team in supporting each student’s learning. The portal provides you with more insight into what occurs in the classroom, helping you become better equipped to support your child’s strengths and areas of growth.

One thing we learned for certain during virtual education is the need for consistent communication with our families and each other. We will do our best to ensure that everyone is on the same page – DCPS, Ellington staff and our families!

Finally, please let us know of any difficulties you experience as the school year gets underway. Thanks, stay safe and have a great week!


Principal Sandi M. Logan

“Most people talk about fear of the unknown, but if there is anything to fear, it is the known.”
– Deepak Chopra