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Thank You to Our Supporters!

Your generosity helps us to offer a life-changing arts education to all of the District’s talented youth, regardless of background. We appreciate you!




DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities
Eugene B. Casey Foundation Endowment Fund


Alisa Rogers

George Manos Trust


Estate of Susan R. Campbell
Sacks Family Foundation



Ari Q. Fitzgerald and Maria Carmona
Mary and Daniel Loughran Foundation, Inc.
DC Mayor’s Office
Richard Eaton Foundation
Denyce Graves Endowment Fund

Cornelius James Coakley
Brenda G. Morris
Sylvia Davis White


Ron Baygents and Nancy Donaldson
Stacie L. Banks  |  Charles K. Barber
Dr. Eliot & Sally Battle
Lisa & Josh Bernstein  |  Ian Cameron
James W. & Renata Kendrick Cooper
Ron Baygents & Nancy Donaldson
Lt. Col. Gary D. and Eileen L. Eckhardt
Dan Edelman  |  Flachs Family Foundation
Sherry Harrison
Sally Hunsberger and Michael Fay
Eileen T. Leahy
Amy Kauffman and Ken Weinstein
Lamann Rucker
Michelle Persaud  |  Edward Rehfeld
Judge Ricky Roberts & Vonya McCann

Susan E. Ruffini 
Adam Serwer  |  Thomas J. Sugrue
Frank White  |  Alwynne Wilbur
Annie P. Whatley
Davey Yarborough

Burleith Citizens Association
Anthony and Anna L. Carozza Foundation
Carl Freeman Foundation
DC Music Summit
Kimberly Clark
Spriggs Law Firm, PC

The George Washington University


Sherri Blount Gray
Elizabeth Libow
Jonathan Levy
Daniel and Jacquelyn Serwer
Princess W. Taylor
Mary and Jeff Zients
Clarke & Associates, LLC
Hogan Lovells LLP

Phillipps-Murray Foundation


Leah Aden
Anna Aurilio  |  Nan P. Bell
Linda Y. Cureton  |  Bruce A. Finzen
Anne Habberton
Robin Y. Harris   |  Allison Hooker & Jim Gillis
Tisha & Michael Hyter

Valerie Jablow  |  Greg Jean-Baptiste 
Kimberly Jones  |  Josie Josiah 
Jane Khoury 

Suzanne & Daryl Malloy | Anissa Mcunu
Ruth M. Milkman  |  Lawrence Miller
Shannon Miller
Sabrina Minor  |   Andrew Milisits
Laurie Moskowitz and Steve Rabinowitz
Kara and Gerald Morrissey
Wendy Nilsen
Stephanie Phillips  |  Tiffany Plater

Francene Shelton  | Mary Raiser
Kimberly Richards

Laura Roberts  |  Linda Roth
Beneva Schulte  |  Nader Tamadon
Darnese Wilkerson
Brian Williams  |  Melissa Wyers

District 1006, LLC
Lee's Flowers & Cards Shop Inc.



DC Commission on the Arts & Humanities



Dave Chappelle
Adam Serwer

Sacks Family Foundation
SK Corporation
PepsiCo, Inc.

Ari Q. Fitzgerald & Maria Carmona

Bernstein Family Foundation
DC Housing Finance Agency
GEICO: Government Employees Insurance Co.
Kimsey Foundation
Miner Anderson Family Foundation


Anthony & Anna L. Carozza Foundation
Community Foundation
DC Office on Cable, TV, Movies & Entertainment
George Wasserman Family Foundation, Inc.
Industrial Bank, N.A.
J.P. Morgan
Morgan Stanley
The Clearing Inc.
Wolf Trap Foundation for the Performing Arts

Meg & Christian Clerc
Ellen & Jackson Copplely
Krishna & Robert Daly
Robert D. Horvath, Jr.
Ellen & Paul McCabe
Annie & Stephen Whatley


Yousef Al Otaiba & Dima AlFaham
Anna Aurelio
Dr. Eliot & Sally Battle
Cornelius Coakley
Brenda G. Morris and Terek Green
Judith R. Randal
Sylvia Davis White


Annette M. & Theodore N. Lerner Family Foundation, Inc.
Lee’s Flowers and Cards Shop
Nathan Cummings Foundation
Mayor’s Office on LGBTQ
Richard Eaton Foundation
S&R Foundation
Saberhagen Family Fund
Saks Fifth Avenue
T-Mobile US, Inc.
The George Washington University
The Gersh Agency


Blank Rome LLP
Pershing Advisor Solutions
PRM Consulting
Washington Architectural Foundation
Wilmington Trust
United Supreme Council Charitable Foundation


LaKeisha Byrd
Margaret A. Gripper-Crawford
Lisa Munsat


Bailey Family Foundation
Brown Advisory Charitable Foundation
Finzen-Clark Family Foundation
Samuel M. Levey Family Foundation
Western High School: Class of 1968 Supporters

Charles Barber

Laure M. Berlinerblau
Jack Biltis

Wouter Bos
Renata K. Cooper

Linda Y. Cureton
Lawrence Devron
Gary & Eileen Eckhardt
Reina Feny

Bernard Fulton
David Gottlieb

Sherri Blount Gray
Sally Hunsberger
Valerie Jordan Jones

Amy Kauffman & Ken Weinstein
Prue Larocca

Eileen Leahy
Philip Lewis

Ron McNeil
Ann OHanlon

Jose Ortiz
Paulette Rucker

Susan E. Ruffini
W.A. Russell

Princess W. Taylor
Brian Williams

Davey S. Yarborough

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