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Peter Boccardi – 9th Grade Social Worker/504 Coordinator

Nicole Frazier – 10th grade School Social Worker/504 Coordinator/Homeless Liaison

Crystal Silvia – 11th and 12th Grade Social Worker

Dr. James Ballard – Part-Time In-school Psychologist

Keyonna Sims – Dean of Students – – – – – – –

Duke Ellington School of the Arts Student Referral for Mental Health and Counseling Support at Ellington

Ellington provides an array of supports for students who are stressed, overwhelmed, or experiencing other difficulties. At the Student Support Center, located on the ground level, students can see one of the members of the Wellness Team to discuss difficulties or concerns they are experiencing during the school day. 

Parents, teachers/staff members, and students can also complete a referral form to connect students with mental health and counseling support at the school. There is a student self-referral form and a student referral form for parents/staff to complete.

Completed forms to  

There are hard copies of referral forms in the Student Support Center. Once referral forms are received the team will connect the student to appropriate services. 

Types of mental health and counseling supports students can be referred to

  • Tier II– Focused interventions (Support groups on the following topics: managing stress, peer relationships, problem-solving, etc, workshops to help students transition to high school and post-high school, and groups that address specific behavioral concerns) 
  • Tier III– Intensive support and treatment services (Individual and group therapy sessions and crisis intervention). 

Staff members providing mental health and counseling support

  • Peter Boccardi: 9th Grade Social Worker   
  • Nicole Frazier: 10th Grade Social Worker 
  • Crystal Sylvia: 11th and 12th Grade Social Worker
  • Dr. Ballard: part-time psychologist 

Additional Student Support Center Staff Members –

Academic counselors: 

  • Suwana Reavis: 9th and 10th Grades
  • Larry Davis: 11th and 12th grades
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