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Student Resources for Reporting Title IX Issues and Concerns

  • DCPS has a partnership with the Office of the Ombudsman for Public Education to provide you with an advisor to help you navigate the Title IX process. For more information on working with advisor please call (202) 442-5405 or email
  • You may also seek out confidential services for survivors with the DC Rape and Crisis Center. For confidential therapeutic services, visit DRCC can be contacted by telephone at (202) 232-0789 or by email at
  • DC Rape Crisis Center Hotline: (202) 333-RAPE
  • Additionally, you have the right to an advisor throughout the Title IX investigation process. An advisor can offer guidance and additional information on the Title IX process. Please contact the CARE team at (202) 442-5405 or to be connected with an advisor.
  • Search DCPS Title IX frequently asked questions
  • Duke Ellington APP both Android and Apple

On Campus Supports
Dr. Ballard, School Psychologist
Ms. Frazier, 9th & 12th
Ms. Sylvia, 10th & 11th
Ms. Waters, Md. Family Resources, Inc
Mr. Walker, Title IX Coordinator
Ms. Hayden, Title IX Coordinator
Mr. Hawkins, Title IX Investigator

IT Resources for Students

Here are a couple of links that you can share with your students if they are having issues:

STUDENT SELF HELP – This page is a student’s best friend:

Hyperlink for DCPS Login, Canvas, Aspen Clever Password Reset: Student Password, Device and Software Help