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June 21, 2020

I hope this message finds you and your family well! Two SY20-21 enrollment deadlines have passed! For those who have not submitted enrollment packets yet, please do so ASAP to ensure your student is cleared to return to Ellington in the fall. A huge thank you to those who have submitted enrollment packets already. I am working through processing them so please be patient with me. If you have yet to submit your packet, here are a few notes to help you through the process, including updates on residency verification:

  • If you receive a 504 error, please DO NOT submit another packet. Check your email account for the You signed this document email. If you received this email, it serves as confirmation that the enrollment packet or OSSE form was successfully signed and submitted. For additional confirmation, feel free to email me at
  • To avoid possible packet rejection:
    • Please DO NOT ADD any middle names or initials to the forms as these are not requested.
    • Please DO NOT FORGET the DC quadrant (NE, NW, SE, SW) in your address if claiming DC residency.
    • Please DO NOT FORGET your apartment/unit number (if applicable) on the DC Residency Verification (DCRV) form even though there is no specific box for it.
  • Updated DCPS/OSSE residency verification guidance:
    • Pre-furlough paystubs older than 45 days from date of enrollment cannot be used.
    • Proof that government agencies are helping pay bills potentially may be used if it’s reflected on the utility bill. If you are receiving government assistance, consider using proof of that specifically (letter from agency, proof of benefit, etc.) You may also check with me to determine if your student is already OSSE verified.
    • Valid driver’s licenses, identification cards, and vehicle registrations that expired March 1 through the duration of the public health emergency are acceptable valid supporting documents for residency verification if presented to the school on or before June 29, 2020. Should the DMV make any additional extensions to expiration dates for these documents, OSSE will make parallel adjustments to expectations for supporting documents for residency verification.
    • UPDATE: Rent amount paid as shown on rent receipts should match rent obligation as stated in your lease. For proof of payment amounts that do not match the amount stipulated on the lease, OSSE will now accept a signed letter from the property owner or leasing agency, as identified on the lease, explaining the reason for a proof of payment not matching the listed monthly rental amount. The letter must contain very specific information so if this is your situation, please reach out to me directly for further guidance.
    • UPDATE: Proof of unemployment insurance benefits may be used for residency verification but this proof must contain very specific information. If this is your situation, please reach out to me directly for further guidance.

Please understand that we will continue to advocate for our families, communicating your needs and concerns to DCPS and OSSE. On the flip side, you can help us assist you by utilizing the guidance and support we provide.

In case you missed these resources, here are the best practices and the PowerPoint presentation delivered during our pre-enrollment trainings for families at the beginning of May. If you need additional support with your specific situation, please contact me at This new environment is continuing to develop and we will be sure to share additional updates. Thank you and please take care of yourselves and each other.


Dana Nearing