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Dress Code

Revised – 8/26/2022

During school hours, the primary obligation of all members of the Ellington community is to be engaged in educational pursuits. School is a time and a place for learning. Therefore, members of the Ellington community are expected to dress in a manner appropriate to this agenda during school hours and all school-sponsored activities. “Dress” refers to the type, fit, and slogan content of clothing. 

The following clothing items are not permitted in Ellington’s professional educational environment:

  • No bare midriffs or chest, backless tops, strapless tops, or beachwear.
  • No transparent or low-cut outfits.
  • No exposed undergarments. Appropriate undergarments must be worn throughout the entire school day.
  • No garments shorter than 4 ½ inches above the knee 
  • Distressed and ripped pants or shorts must have tights or shorts underneath to cover bare skin above the level permitted for shorts and skirts ( 4 ½ inches above the knee)
  • No bandanas, baseball caps, bonnets, du-rags, night scarves, or shower caps. (Head wraps are acceptable). 
  • No clothing or accessories displaying slogans or logos referencing violence, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, profanity, derogatory language, etc.
  • No heavy chains, wallet chains, jewelry with spikes or studs, or accessories with the intent of causing offense or inciting violence or other prohibited behaviors.

Violation of the Dress Code Policy will result in the actions/consequences outlined below:

  • Students will be given the option to change their clothing.
  • Parents will be called when a student reports to school out of compliance with the dress code. Parents/guardians may be asked to bring compliant clothing for the student.
  • If parents/guardians are not reachable or unable to respond, the student may be issued appropriate clothing to wear for the day with directions to return it clean the next school day.
  • A third offense of the dress code policy may subject a student to in-school disciplinary action.
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