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Dress Code and Personal Property Policy

Revised – 8/30/2021

During school hours, the primary obligation of all members of the Ellington community is to be engaged in educational pursuits. School is a time and a place for learning. Therefore, members of the Ellington community are expected to dress in a professional manner appropriate to this agenda during school hours and all school-sponsored activities. “Dress” refers to the type, fit, and slogan content of clothing. The following clothing and/or personal items are not permitted in Ellington’s professional educational environment:

  • No visible midriff, no halters, tank tops or one-shoulder tops. No backless or strapless tops or dresses. No see-through or low-cut blouses, shirts, or dresses.
  • No exceptionally tight clothing, micro miniskirts, or shorts.
  • No inappropriate shorts.
  • No do-rags or baseball caps in the building at any time for any student.
  • No combs in hair.
  • No tight or revealing clothing.
  • No clothing or personal items displaying slogans or logos referencing violence, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, etc.
  • Students are discouraged from bringing personal iPODs, MP3s, DVDs, and other high-tech items to school. The school is not liable for these items if lost or stolen. No cell phones, pagers, iPODs, MP3s, DVDs, or other electronic devices may be used or activated during school hours, except at lunch, before school, or after school. Students who disregard this policy will have their cell phones and/or pagers taken by a staff member and held until a parent or guardian comes to retrieve the device. Parents are asked to assist us in this matter by not calling their children during class time. If a legitimate emergency arises, please call the main office and your child will be brought to the phone at an appropriate time.
  • No chewing gum is allowed in the building at any time. Chewing gum is a distraction. It can also damage furniture and the floor. Gum may not be chewed or held in the mouth in the building. Dispose of all gum in a trash receptacle prior to entering the building.