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Graduation Requirements


To receive a DCPS diploma, students who enroll in 9th grade for the first time in School Year 2007-2008 and thereafter must earn 24.0 credits (or Carnegie Units) as follows:

Subject Credits
(Carnegie Units)
Art 0.5 credits
Electives 3.5 credits
English 4.0 credits
Health and Physical Education 1.5 credits
(including Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II)
4.0 credits
Music 0.5 credits
(including 3 lab sciences)
4.0 credits
Social Studies
(including World History I and II, DC History, US Government, US History)
4.0 credits
World Languages
*Entering 9th grade SY 2012-13
2.0 credits
*3.0 credits

Students must also earn 100 hours of Community Service.


The Duke Ellington Arts Diploma requires a minimum of  10 credit hours in a specific arts discipline if you enroll as a 9th grader and 7 credit hours if you enter as a 10th grader. Please see your Department Handbook for specific details.

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