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The Ellington Creed

Ellington is a school community of artists, learners and leaders. Building such a community depends on one fundamental rule and a creed that supports it. 

THE RULE: Work towards becoming an effective artist, learner, and leader; help others to do the same. 

THE CREED: Members of the Ellington community contribute to their own lives and support the growth of other community members through: 

COMMITMENT The habit of applying your talents to a task or project.

RESPONSIBILITY Acting in a way that acknowledges the connection and duty you have to yourself and others. 

EXCELLENCE Striving to meet a standard that demonstrates mastery of an idea or technique. 

EMPATHY Demonstrating intentional care and consideration of others’ feelings, thoughts, and experiences.

DIGNITY Conducting yourself, at all times, in a respectful manner that shows you recognize your connection to a present, past and future community.

Bullying and harassment of others has no place in the Ellington school community.

            Duke Ellington School of the Arts Policy on Bullying and Harassment

Ellington strives to be a physically and emotionally a safe place. It is our belief that only in a safe environment are individuals free to do their best work and their best learning. It is the responsibility of all members of the Ellington community to preserve the Ellington building as a safe place at all times. 

Harassment or bullying, including cyberbullying—based on age, race, ethnic origin, religion, sexual identity, gender identification, or gender—undermines any sense of safety, and is both intolerable and unlawful.

Bullying of any kind is not allowed at Ellington.  Harassment can, in fact, be a civil and/or criminal offense. Accordingly, faculty, staff, or students who engage in harassment or bullying in any form— oral, written, cyber, physical abuse, or vandalism—should expect disciplinary and/or legal action to be taken against them. 

If you feel you have been or are being harassed or bullied, or have witnessed harassment and bullying, you can report it to any teacher, member of the Wellness Team (Ellington’s social workers, counselors or psychologist) or other school staff and administrators. All Ellington staff members can help victims and witnesses of bullying or harassment.

Anti-Bullying Pledge

I, ____________________________________ agree to abide by Ellington’s policy concerning bullying and harassment. I will not make negative or disparaging comments about another student or staff member, spread rumors, make threats or intimidate others in any way including verbally, physically or on social media/electronically.

I agree to report any incidents of bullying or harassment to a trusted teacher or staff member and am committed to practicing the Ellington CREED.

Duke Ellington School of the Arts Student Referral for Mental Health and Counseling Support at Ellington

Parents, teachers/staff members, and students can also complete a referral form to connect students with mental health and counseling support at the school. There is a student self-referral form and a student referral form for parents/staff to complete.

Completed forms to  

There are hard copies of referral forms in the Student Support Center. Once referral forms are received the team will connect the student to appropriate services. 

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