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At the Duke Ellington School of the Arts, it is our goal to ensure that every student achieves academic and artistic success by being present at school every day and on time. Students who have regular school attendance learn more and are more successful overall. The District of Columbia Public Schools has shifted focus from monitoring only unexcused absences to all absences by tracking In-Seat Attendance (ISA). Some absences are unavoidable, but when children miss too much school (excused or unexcused) they can fall behind. A missed day is a lost opportunity for learning. Let’s make regular and on-time attendance a priority!

Please Note: Students who miss 20% of the day will receive an unexcused absence for the full day. All absences (excused or unexcused) will be monitored to track students’ in-seat attendance.

For classroom attendance:
Classroom Attendance is done by each teacher. Please contact the classroom teacher directly. This information can be found by logging onto Aspen and going to your child’s Aspen account. Our teachers are available to assist you with this.

For all other attendance matters:
Early dismissal, medical appointments, etc., please contact us or call 202-282-0123.

Per DCPS, students need to have the following in order to be excused:
1.) Illness
2.) Death in the immediate family
3.) Court
4.) Religious Holiday
5.) Temporary School Closing
6.) Failure of DCPS to provide transportation where legally responsible
7.) Visiting parent in the military
8.) Emergency circumstances approved by DCPS

For DCPS Attendance guidelines, please visit

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