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Summer School (Begins)

Credit Recovery Students who previously failed the original credit version of a course that is being offered during summer learning will be automatically scheduled in up to 2.0 credits of credit recovery. If a student completes a credit recovery course by the midway point of summer learning (July 20, 2022), that student may then be scheduled in another credit recovery course if their overall schedule does not exceed a total of 2.0 credits and there are no scheduling conflicts.

A final mark must first appear in the Aspen SIS before additional credit recovery courses can be scheduled. The summer school setup is outlined below with FAQs immediately following.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your School Counselor of record.

High School Summer Learning – PROGRAM DATES – July 5- August 5, 2022

Note: All students will be cross enrolled at the location below unless otherwise stated:
Jackson-Reed (formerly Wilson) High Summer School
Other Summer School Sites that may be requested by students &/or parents are:
Ballou, Cardozo, Coolidge, Dunbar, Eastern, Luke C. Moore, Ron Brown, Roosevelt, Woodson

For additional program information, please visit summer enrichment & learning or contact 6- if there are any questions.