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Odd Day

Term 1 Ends on November 4th. Let’s finish strong!!

Week of November 11th Schedule:
Monday, Nov. 8th Even DAY
Tuesday, Nov. 9th Even DAY
Wednesday, Nov. 10 Odd DAY
Thursday, Nov. 11 NO SCHOOL
Friday, Nov. 12 Odd DAY

EARLY DISMISSAL UPDATE: Process for early dismissal:

  1. Email by 10 AM: Please include students’ full name, the reason for early dismissal, time leaving, and parent’s name and number.
  2. Permit to leave will be prepared in the front office and students will come to the office at the time of dismissal to pick up the permit.
  3. The student will show the permit to security and keep it in case public transportation needs verification of early dismissal.

Thank you for your cooperation.