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Middle States Accreditation *POSTPONED*

To Staff, Students, and Parents:

The Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools is a voluntary, non-profit organization, dedicated to promoting educational excellence among private and public schools in the Mid-Atlantic United States through peer review and accreditation. Accreditation by the Middle States Association is vital to a school’s credentials and reputation, and it helps reaffirm an ongoing commitment to excellence, innovation, and continuous growth.

Duke Ellington School of the Arts undergoes the accreditation process every seven years. This consists of months of self-study, culminating with a site visit from a team of outside educators who will determine the school’s fitness for accreditation. The team visit for this cycle will take place Tuesday through Friday, February 15-18, 2022. (UPDATE – Now postponed to later date)

Duke Ellington School of the Arts is the only high school in the District of Columbia that combines a full college-preparatory curriculum with intensive pre-professional arts training. Our students are determined and dedicated. Ellington’s test scores and high graduate rates demonstrate that we are making important strides in the quality of education we provide. We as a school can take pride in the many achievements of our wonderful students; the Middle States team visit gives us an opportunity to put our strengths on display.

Ellington’s foundation documents articulate our philosophy and goals. In preparation for the Middle States team visit, please familiarize yourself with the following: our Mission, Beliefs, and Profile of Graduates. Let’s all work together to make this site visit a success!

Our Mission:

The mission of Duke Ellington School of the Arts is to nurture and inspire passion for arts and learning in talented students who might not otherwise have an opportunity to develop their artistic skills. We ensure that our students are prepared for post-secondary education and/or careers in the arts by offering an intensive arts-based program. We prepare our students to become productive citizens in our global society through our strong focus on community service.

Our Seven Core Beliefs:

  • Students learn at different rates and in different ways.
  • All students deserve a challenging and broad education, regardless of ethnicity or economic status.
  • A quality teacher knows the subject and lives it and conveys it with clarity and with love with every teachable moment.
  • Learning how to learn provides the necessary framework for academic and artistic success in school and in one’s personal and professional life.
  • Education is the shared responsibility of the school, the family, the government, and the community.
  • Education in the arts is essential to the development of the whole person.
  • Artists play a vital role in an enlightened and culturally rich society.

Profile of Graduates:

Ellington graduates will possess skills in critical and creative thinking and writing and will be well prepared for the college or career path of their choice. They will have a lifelong thirst for knowledge and a deep appreciation for and involvement in the arts. They will be proactive, competent, and compassionate leaders in our global society.