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Art Is Activism Festival (Begins)


Greetings Ellington Community,

I’m excited to finally share our Art As Activism curriculum with you. Throughout history, artists have used their medium to educate, inspire, and motivate marginalized communities.

The Mission of the Duke Ellington School of the Arts is To nurture and inspire passion for arts and learning in talented students who might not otherwise have an opportunity to develop their artistic skills. We ensure that our students are prepared for post-secondary education and/or careers in the arts by offering an intensive art {academic} based program. We prepare our students to become productive citizens in our global society through our strong focus on community service.

It is the hope of the Ellington faculty and staff that the knowledge, skills, and fortitude shared with our young people, will inspire and fuel the next generation of Artists, Scholars, and Global Citizens.

We will execute this mission by providing societal frameworks, supporting historical documents, and creating space for artistic expression.

If you want to use some time on your Spring Break to prepare, please review below to see a brief description of different topics that students in each class will be asked to focus on.

(Please note: This is optional, not mandatory and students will receive more concrete details and instruction when we return from our Spring Break).

Ms. Moore’s classes:
Think about a social cause that you feel strongly about.

Mr. Johnson’s classes
Think about a human rights issue you might want to pursue. Tenth graders, you can build on what you just did in class with Ms. Dubose if you would like.

Mr. Fruendt’s classes
Study for AP Exams and be prepared for an extra credit art presentation after the AP exam.

Mr. Edge’s classes
Think about elements of immigration during the last 40 years to focus on for further research.

DC History classes
Think about ways you think DC would benefit from having more of a voice in local or national politics.

Click here to review the entire Art As Activism social studies curriculum for this term. Lastly, don’t forget to RSVP and purchase a t-shirt for our Arts As Activism event in May (50% of proceeds will go to our senior class).

We’re looking forward to implementing this curriculum when we get back from Spring Break and we can’t wait to show the world the transformative power of art!

Sandi M. Logan
Principal, Duke Ellington School of the Arts

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