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Anti-Bullying Assembly

October is National Bullying Prevention Month and Mental Health Awareness Month. We’re having a school-wide Anti-Bullying Assembly in honor of both on Friday, October 21. Stay tuned for more details via email. Duke Ellington School of the Arts is committed to providing safe and supportive learning environments for all students. The Internet can be a great tool for learning and connecting in an evolving digital world, but online safety and cyberbullying are nationwide issues impacting schools and the social-emotional well-being of our young people.

The digital world is the real world with real consequences, so make sure you think before you post:

T: Is It TRUE?
H: Is It Helpful?
I: Is it inspiring?
N: Is It Necessary?
K: Is It Kind?

Please remember that activity rising to the level of cyberbullying and/or harassment may result in school disciplinary action in accordance with the DESA Student Code of Conduct and DCPS bullying policy.

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