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Museum Studies

"Installing a museum exhibition is conduction of a symphony orchestra."

- Walter Hopps, Founding Director of the Menil Collection in Houston, to the New York

Students in the Museum Studies program learn and practice the major functions of museums—collection, preservation, conservation, exhibition and public education—in courses such as Curatorial Skills, Photography, and Computer Graphics. Not only do students learn to record art and culture through various media; as seniors in high school, they also have the chance to work alongside museum staff on major projects at the Smithsonian Institution and other Washington museums. The program also offers educational travel to study museum practices in New York, Los Angeles, Madrid, and Barcelona. Many Duke Ellington School of the Arts alumni are working as exhibition designers, museum educators, and curators around the United States.

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Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4
Introduction to Museum Studies Art History I Museum Education Curatorial Skills
Design I AND
Graphic Effects
Art History II Archive, Collections, & Exhibitions I Archive, Collections, & Exhibitions II
Museum Communications I Museum Communications II Museum Communications III Gallery Management
Exhibit Design I Exhibit Design II Cultural Studies Senior Internship
  Digital Media I    



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