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Literary Media & Communications

What we are looking for

We are looking for students who are intelligent, respectful, and humble, first and foremost.  The prospective student should be confident about their voice and have an awareness of the necessity of effective communication.  The student must read constantly and have an awareness of current events.  Prospective students must engage with technology and have an awareness of technology and New Media as a viable means of communication.  Finally, prospective students must be able to question.

What to bring/how to prepare

There are 3 stages to the LMC audition – submission of written materials, audition interview, and if selected to continue, participation in an LMC workshop.

Part 1: LMC auditions begin with a review of the student’s written materials. In addition to submitting the SY20-21 My School DC online application by the application deadline, you must ALSO email by the same deadline (11:59pm on Monday, February 3, 2020) the following two portfolio items to

  • Two other forms of narrative (poem, short story, fiction, non-fiction, play, etc.). These samples should be in two different narrative forms – for example a poem and an essay, a short story and a poem, a play and a short story, etc. This allows us to better see your range.
    • Email Submission Details: When you email your portfolio items, please state “LMC audition portfolio” in the subject line, and in the email itself be sure to include your name, current school, and current grade.

NOTES – Two notes on a key part of the Literary Media & Communications application:

  • For your MySchoolDC application online essay, please be sure to include your personal goals as an artist and any experiences you may have had that could impact your decision to pursue this course of study in the essay.
  • If possible, please include an “Art/Other” recommendation as one of your three in the MSDC Application. This could be a letter from someone who has read/viewed and critiqued your work in any of the above genre or forms. (Note: Your application will not be penalized if you cannot provide this additional letter.)

Part 2: Before the audition interview, students must procure a copy of James Baldwin’s short story, “Sonny’s Blues”, read it, and be prepared to discuss in the audition.

  1. Any other strong, recent writing samples in your portfolio, and
  2. A printed or electronic sampling of any new media communications you may have completed or are working on, such as (but not limited to):
    • A blog,
    • A podcast,
    • A website,
    • Any film, documentary, short footage you have worked on
    • Digital or traditional photography.

The audition process itself

The Literary Media and Communications audition has 3 phases:

  1. For the first phase, you must submit your audition portfolio/writing samples electronically by the deadline (see Part 1 of “What to Bring/How to Prepare”).
  2. Participate in an audition interview. The interview consists of a conversation with faculty about the work you have submitted as well as about the reading assignment. The audition interview will also include a writing component.
  3. For the final phase, if selected to continue you will take part in a special LMC workshop, where you will have writing and group review exercises. For those selected, participation the audition classwork is mandatory for continued consideration as an LMC candidate.

 Have a successful audition

  • Review/edit the portfolio items you will submit so we are seeing your best work.
  • Great writers are constantly reading.
  • Be prepared to discuss your work, as well as “Sonny’s Blues”.
  • Be prepared to discuss where you want to go in life, what you hope to accomplish.
  • Engage – be an active participant in the audition class exercises.
  • Present yourself well – arrive promptly, dress professionally, speak clearly and confidently.


  • All departments offer Audition Workshops in December and January to help students prepare for their official audition. Students who participate will be able to learn what to bring, review the audition procedures, learn how to build a portfolio, present their work with confidence and prepare their work for the audition. Visit for more information and how to sign up – workshops cost $10. This fee can be waived for special circumstances, please email if you would like to request one.
  • Auditions are the first week of February 2020immediately after the application deadline! Make sure to visit our website to review the audition schedule. Auditions are open call for all students who successfully apply via MySchoolDC. You must view your audition date and time based on your art department and the first letter of your last name.


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