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Admin Team Updates & Reminders

Admin Team Updates & Reminders

Attendance Reminder:

Parents and students, please remember to email excuse notes within 5 days of their absence. If you are absent from school, to be excused parents/guardians must email

We will not be able to correct any attendance records after June 30. PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT FAMILY EMERGENCIES ARE NOT A DCPS EXCUSED ABSENCE! What is classified as an excused or unexcused absence? Click here for more details and a comprehensive list.

Additional Reminders :

  • Passes to the Nurse/Health Suite: During Academic and Arts class time, students must have a pass from their teacher to see the nurse.
  • Bell Schedule: The adjusted bell schedule will allow 40 minutes for each Lunch/Advisory on Tuesday-Friday. 
  • Dress Code: It is important that all students comply with the dress code in order to maintain a professional and educational environment at all times.
  • Lunch Deliveries: Students cannot order food to be delivered to the school during normal school hours. 8:30 a.m. to 4:55 p.m. Food delivered to the school during this time will be confiscated.
  • Senior Off-Campus Lunch: New schedule is Tuesday-Friday. Parent permission is required.
  • Snack Selling is Prohibited: Students are not permitted to bring snacks to sell on campus for personal or for fundraising purposes.
  • Students, please remember that attendance is taken during Advisory. Please be advised that the DCPS robocall is activated with only 1 missed class.

Dress Code Will be Strictly Enforced Until the Last Day of School

Due to rising temperatures in the region, we wanted to remind you of our dress code policy and let you know that we will be heavily enforcing our policy starting tomorrow morning. 

The following clothing and/or personal items are NOT permitted in Ellington’s professional educational environment:

  • No visible midriff, no halters, tank tops, or one-shoulder tops. No backless or strapless tops or dresses. No see-through or low-cut blouses, shirts, or dresses.
  • No exceptionally tight clothing, micro miniskirts, or shorts.
  • No inappropriate shorts.
  • No do-rags or baseball caps in the building at any time for any student.
  • No combs in hair.
  • No tight or revealing clothing.
  • No clothing or personal items displaying slogans or logos referencing violence, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, etc.

Students will then be given the option of changing their clothes (into school-appropriate attire) or calling home to have parents bring in school-appropriate clothing. Please remember that noncompliance with the dress code can result in disciplinary action.

Click here for full dress code policy.