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Schoolwide Book Read

Schoolwide Book Read

If Beale Street Could Talk

WHAT:¬†School-wide Book Read of James Baldwin’s “If Beale Street Could Talk.”

WHO: All Faculty and All Students. The faculty read while the students read.

WHEN: Starting the week of February 12 during the first 15 minutes of ELA Advisory Tues-Thursday and some Fridays (at the end of class).

WHERE: Every classroom

WHY: To share in a dialogue, institutionally, about a piece of art and its relevance beyond demographics, grade levels and degrees. In this dialogue, we will consider the ways we are brilliant and how art illuminates brilliance and, as Ernest Hemingway said, “makes us permanent.”Additionally:
To collaborate across content areas (Arts and Academics)
To draw upon student strengths
To build community
To improve reading fluency & comprehension
To support critical reading & writing skills
To utilize engaging text to prepare for PARCC

HOW: Using the D.E.A.R. strategy – DROP EVERYTHING AND READ – during the first 15 minutes of ELA Advisory. The start of D.E.A.R. will be announced, but please proceed even if you don’t hear an announcement. The School-wide read will be coordinated by Mark Williams, Chair of Literary Media, with support from the Instructional Leadership Team.Students will have opportunities for incentives and rewards for their engagement in the reading.

Vaness Snyder, Director of Academics/Assistant Principal, Ed.S
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