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News You Can Use

News You Can Use

Saturday Tutoring
Second Semester Saturday Tutoring will resume from 9:00 a.m. – 12 noon on the following dates:

February 1st
February 8th
February 15th
February 29th
March 21st
March 28th

Community Service or Paid Opportunity
The DC Board of Elections is looking for students 16 and older who are interested in working the polls for the upcoming elections on June 16 and Nov. 3. Students will be trained and will be either paid or receive community service hours, whatever their preference. Attached is the flier and application. Visit DCBOE.ORG for more details.

DC Board of Elections Student Workers

PARCC Testing
The PARCC & DC Science Window for Ellington is April 21 to May 22. ESSA requires school districts to notify parents of their rights to request information about statewide assessment participation. In this regard, schools are asked to send the Notification of Parents Right to Know to parents and families of students who will be taking the OSSE mandated assessments (PARCC, Science, MSAA, DLM, and ACCESS and Alternate ACCESS). The notification is attached here.

Student Withdrawal Process Overview

We understand that life takes us all in unexpected directions and given the New Year, we thought this was a good time to review the Ellington/DCPS withdrawal process.

  1. Upon initial decision to withdraw your student, connect with Ms. Donna Hollis, Director of Student Affairs (202-807-0554) and Mrs. Savannah Williams, Director of Enrollment (202-299-5896) to arrange an exit interview and discuss your desire to withdraw your student.
  2. Complete an exit survey (will be provided for you) prior to your exit interview. Your responses will be reviewed during the exit conversation with Ms. Hollis or Mrs. Williams
  3. If after the interview you wish to proceed with the withdrawal process, Ms. Hollis or Mrs. Williams will provide Mr. Nearing, Registrar with clearance to assist you with steps four through seven
  4. Complete Sections I and II of the withdrawal form (will be provided for you) with Mr. Nearing
  5. Submit the partially completed withdrawal form to the receiving school to complete┬áSection III (to include the school’s stamp, this part is necessary)
  6. Submit the completed withdrawal form to Mr. Nearing for review
  7. Once all documentation is received and cleared, your student will be withdrawn; transcripts, records, etc. can then be provided for the receiving school.

Important Note: We are not authorized to withdraw your student nor release records until we have properly confirmed that your student is enrolled at the new school via the requested documentation. Please see full document with more specific details on what documentation must be submitted to Ellington (in the most common cases) before your student can be withdrawn. If your situation is not one of those listed below, I am happy to discuss with you what will be required to complete the withdrawal process.

Contact – Mr. Nearing,, 202.727.6404