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Attendance Matters

Attendance Matters

Absence Notifications to Parents!
In addition to the daily absence calls and emails that are sent out to parents every day at 7 pm, DCPS is now sending out phone calls hourly based on period attendance. Please encourage your child’s timeliness and punctuality.

Opting out of Blackboard Robocalls!
Beginning on February 20, parents began receiving hourly robocalls informing them of their students’ period level absences. Please be aware that parents have the option of opting out of these phone calls. There are instructions for this process at the end of each phone call. If parents opt out of the attendance robocalls, it will opt them out of any outreach call from the school, but not emergency calls.

Excuse Note Submissions!
DCPS Attendance policy states that notices must be turned in within five days following a student’s return from an absence for the absence to be excused. Those parents who still need to submit an excuse note for the Walkout, please do so immediately. Also, please find here the updated Excuse Note form. This is what parents should use from this day forward per DCPS Central Office as of March 1, 2018. Send absent notices to Angela Jones at

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