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April 3, 2020 Message – (Click here)

May 10, 2020

Hello Ellington!

A huge thank you to those who have submitted enrollment packets. I am working through them so please be patient. For those who haven’t submitted enrollment packets yet, here are a few notes to help you through the process:

  • If you receive a 504 error, please DO NOT submit another packet. Check your email account for the You signed this document email. If you received this email, it serves as confirmation that the enrollment packet or OSSE form was successfully signed and submitted. For additional confirmation, feel free to email me at
  • In response to various residency verification questions we received during our pre-enrollment training sessions last week, please see below responses from DCPS/OSSE:
  • Pre-furlough paystubs that may be older than 45 days from day of enrollment cannot be used.
  • Partial rent payments are not acceptable. Proof of payment must show an amount equal to the amount stipulated in the lease agreement
  • Proof that government agencies are helping pay bills potentially may be used if it’s reflected on the utility bill. If you are receiving government assistance, consider using proof of that specifically (letter from agency, proof of benefit, etc.) You may also check with me to determine if your student is already OSSE verified.
  • Virtual home visits are not yet an option.

Please understand that we will continue to advocate for our families, communicating your needs and concerns to DCPS and OSSE. On the flip side, you can help us assist you by utilizing the guidance and support we provide.

In case you missed it, here are the best practices and the PowerPoint presentation delivered last week during our pre-enrollment trainings. If you need additional support with your specific situation, please contact me at This new environment is continuing to develop and we will be sure to share additional updates.


Mr. Dana J. Nearing | Registrar
202.727.6404 |