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Student Organizations

Duke’s Remnant
Duke Remnant is a student lead meeting where we pray and discuss many different topics of the bible, and we do so in a way that everyone will enjoy and understand. Our goal is to instill into others the knowledge they need/want to know in order to understand who God is and how they can become closer to him as well.
Advisor: Courtney Thorpe
Meet every other Thursday at lunch in Room 205 (Meyer)

Girl Talk
The purpose of Girl Talk is to communicate the importance of education in the lives of the young women from Duke Ellington School of the Arts. Georgetown University women show their support for Ellington girls’ academics by providing workshops and sessions where they cover aspects such as personal statements, interview skills, and available resources. Additionally, GU students include dialogue on social issues and other areas that impact their lives where they may want the perspective of other young women. It is their goal to promote positive discussions through effective communication and activities. They do this by establishing a safe environment where the young ladies feel comfortable to explore, challenge, and offer new insights through building new relationships not only with women from Georgetown, but also other girls in their own school.
Advisor: Donna Hollis
Meet every Friday at lunch in Room G19 (Meyer)

International Hosting and Lunch Club
Welcoming committee for our international exchange and new students, exploration of the international world through food
Advisors: Lynn Moore and Natalie Bruford
Meet every other Wednesday at lunchtime in Room 12 (Meyer)

National Honor Society
Students exemplify excellence in leadership, scholarship, service and leadership
Advisor: Ms. Arrington

The Roundtable Seminar
Students meet with a core group of lawyers from the law firm of Dickstein and Shapiro to discuss and debate major legal issues facing our city and nation. (open to juniors and seniors only)
Advisors: Lynn Moore, Nicolas Ojeda and Reggie Melbrough
Meet every other Tuesday at lunch in Room 12 (Meyer)

Student Government Association
SGA has a dual mission at the school. The first is to capture and represent the interests and preferences of the school’s study body and incorporate them when appropriate into key decisions and school policy. The second is to build school spirit, a sense of community, and plan fun events for all to enjoy.
Advisor: Seth Brecher & Nick Ojeda
Meet Fridays at 11:00am, Room 218

Design and create the Ellington yearbook as a body of student work.
Advisors: Takicha Roundtree