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Arts Fees

Dear Parents and Guardians:

Providing a high quality arts education is not an easy task. Public school allocated budgets do not cover the entire amount of what is needed for exemplary arts education and training. Between the support of our Ellington Fund and committed parents, resources are secured so that our students are prepared for the next level of training. As one parent speaking of arts fees recently said “no investment, no return!”

Each student at the Duke Ellington School of the Arts is responsible for a $200 annual arts fee. It is preferable that all fees be paid up front, in full, during registration. Payment plan options are available, but the full amount is to be paid by March.

What do your Arts Fees go toward? 100% of the arts fees go specifically towards your child’s arts department to provide resources and experiences that are fundamental to the training of young professionals in any arts discipline. Arts fees help provide the “must haves” that include, but are not limited to:

Dance – Dance publications, teaching aids, and music.
Instrumental Music – Instrument purchases, repairs, and accessories, headphones, and sheet music.
Literary Media and Communications – Project licensing, field trips, publication of print projects, and computer software.
Museum Studies – Guest lectures, field trips, exhibition supplies and printing.
Technical Design and Production – Scripts, books, subscriptions to Stage Directions magazine and others, and lighting/sound software.
Theatre – Production Materials (i.e. sets, costumes, props, light, sound), scripts, master classes, field trips and royalties.
Visual Arts – Mats, paints, charcoal, canvas, and art paper.
Vocal Music – Musical scores, costumes, music licensing, catering for student meals, accompanists, some field trip expenses.

Failure to pay fees will result in student’s ineligibility to participate in field trips, various school activities, and a senior’s ineligibility to participate in the graduation commencement ceremony and receive school based scholarships.

Arts Fees contributions bring $100,000 worth of assistance for quality school programming which will directly benefit our students. Thank you for your contributions that help us to create the best Duke Ellington School of the Arts possible.

Respectfully and Thoughtfully,
Sandi Logan
Duke Ellington School of the Arts

Click here for a list of resources Arts Fees help to pay for!