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Wizards Forward Kelly Oubre Has Ambitions Outside Of Basketball – Duke Ellington Partnership

Wizards Forward Kelly Oubre Has Ambitions Outside Of Basketball – Duke Ellington Partnership

Wizards fans that follow forward Kelly Oubre, Jr. on social media will notice he’s a creative guy. Wave Papi, as he calls himself, has an obvious interest in fashion and music. 

During Las Vegas summer league, the second-year forward spoke with the NBA Players Association about his artistic side. 

The conversation began with Oubre talking about his plans to work with arts-oriented schools in D.C. 

“I’m linked in with some artistic schools in D.C. because I’m big on allowing the creative minds to be seen,” Oubre said. “My first school I’m working with is called Duke Ellington School of the Arts in D.C. I’m trying to help them out, give them tickets to the game, have them do fundraisers, have them do different art shows.

“It’s just kids who go to an art school that don’t play sports, because I have a creative side to me as well. I can use my platform to help kids. So I’m going to continue to plant my roots around the city a little bit more.”

He explained that he developed an interest in the arts — drawing, film, graphic design, music, fashion — as a child growing up in New Orleans. It all started with the guitar. 

“Since I was a kid when I was in New Orleans and just started picking up electric guitar and playing that, he said. “I’m a left-hander, but I got a right-handed guitar by accident and I’m playing it backwards.”

These days he’s into exploring pretty much all genres of art. Oubre emphasizes that he’s still in an exploratory phase, learning as much as he can. 

“I do graphic designs. I’ll draw something every once in a while. Music is definitely something big for me, too—whatever you need it to be. I make a lot of videos, make a lot of different dope pictures and stuff like that.

“So it’s just a lot of stuff that I like to dibble and dabble in. But I can learn a lot from [the students at Duke Ellington], too, because they go to school for it; I don’t.”……………..

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