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New Chancellor of DCPS

New Chancellor of DCPS

Meet Chancellor Antwan Wilson — February 1, 2017

Dear Friends,

Today marks my first day as Chancellor of DC Public Schools (DCPS), and I’m excited and honored to be here! Growing up, I had a lot of first days – I attended 10 schools before graduation – and I still carry with me that sense of hope and anticipation that comes with a new beginning.

And while today is my first day leading DCPS, it’s a day like any other for the remarkable students, staff, and families whose commitment and support have already made DCPS the fastest-improving and most-watched school district in the country. I’m eager to get to know the DCPS community, and learn from you where we need to work even harder to give every one of our young people the world-class education they deserve.

My career has been built around improving equity through education. For the past three years, I led the Oakland Unified School District, and I served as an Assistant Superintendent in Denver Public Schools before that. I’ve been a Superintendent, a principal, and a teacher. I’ve coached football and track, and mentored speech and debate clubs.

The fact is I love school. I love seeing young people learn and discover their talents. I want every student in DCPS to love school too. My personal achievements are the result of hard work and public school teachers who challenged and believed in me. I know firsthand what’s possible through educational opportunity, and have a deep passion for making sure that schools are places where students, families, and communities feel welcomed and see their values reflected.

Over the next few months, I’ll be visiting campuses, meeting with educators and parents, and listening to stakeholders about your vision for schools. It’s important to me to be smarter tomorrow than I am today, which simply means that the information I learn through these engagements helps inform decisions I make as a leader. We will provide more information soon about how you can share your ideas.

Our mantra in DCPS has been that we can do this, but we can’t do it alone. That’s true now more than ever. I’m counting on you, the DCPS community, to voice your hopes, be honest about your concerns, and celebrate our success. Above all, I look forward to partnering with you to make that success happen.


Antwan Wilson
Chancellor, DC Public Schools


December 8, 2016

Letter from the Mayor

Dear Washingtonians,

Over the past two years, my administration has worked to expand learning opportunities for students throughout Washington, DC. Since coming into office, we launched an extended school year at 11 public schools; opened DC’s only all-boys public high school, Ron Brown College Preparatory High School; fully-funded a travel abroad program for DCPS students; increased access to libraries and books; and, through internship programs, expanded access to hands-on learning opportunities. This year, we made historic investments in education, investing an additional $220 million in the modernization of schools and increasing the level of funding schools receive per student. With increased enrollment and graduation rates and increased academic achievement, DCPS continues to be the fastest improving urban school district. 

Now, we are about to begin a new chapter for DC schools. Two weeks ago, I announced my nominee for the next DCPS chancellor. When we started the search for the next chancellor, I knew that we would need to find a leader who has the experience to build on DCPS’s successes and the vision and determination to tackle our school system’s most persistent and formidable challenges. The person who leads our schools has the power to change the lives of thousands of children in Washington, DC. 

In community meetings, online feedback forms, and focus groups, my administration gathered feedback from students, families, educators and community members about their priorities for the next DCPS chancellor. In reviewing the feedback, we found five key priorities:

  • reducing the achievement gap; 
  • increasing opportunities for all students;
  • increasing parent and community engagement and communication; 
  • prioritizing teacher and leadership retention; and 
  • improving school culture and safety.

From the DCPS Rising Leadership Committee, I received similar recommendations, which you can read HERE

After conducting a nationwide search for the next chancellor, I chose Antwan Wilson – a lifelong educator who has the experience, expertise, and character to lead our schools. He is also a role model for our students – his success proves that with hard work, they can achieve what they set out to do. Our school communities are stronger than they have ever been, and I know that together we will be able to work with Chancellor Wilson to make progress in closing DC’s achievement gap while continuing to expand opportunities and provide a world-class education to students from every background and circumstance.


ICYMI: On Tuesday, DC Public Schools Chancellor nominee Antwan Wilson answered questions and shared more about his background on Facebook Live. Watch the interview HERE


Dear DCPS Community,

Today, Mayor Muriel Bowser named Antwan Wilson as the new Chancellor of DC Public Schools, effective February 1, 2017. We are honored to welcome new leadership to DC Public Schools and look forward to continuing the great work for our students, families, and community so that every student is prepared for college and career.

We at DC Public Schools believe every school must provide a world-class education that prepares all students, regardless of background or circumstance, for success in college, career, and life.

Under the leadership of Chancellor Henderson and Interim Chancellor Davis, we have seen more families choose DC Public Schools, more students graduating high school, and more students who like their school. We have also made investments to bring arts and music to every school, to send students on fully-funded study abroad programs, to provide paid internships to high school students, and to create world-class career academies in fields such as public safety, IT, engineering, and more.

We welcome Mr. Wilson to DC Public Schools and know that, with his leadership, more students will discover their love of learning and be prepared for life after they graduate from DC Public Schools.

We have more work to do to close the achievement gap and to ensure that every student graduates high school, and we have great confidence that Mr. Wilson is the right leader for the next generation of change at DC Public Schools.

As lifelong educators and advocates for all DC Public Schools families, we work each day to educate and empower all of our students, and we welcome our new Chancellor to our city and our schools.


DC Public Schools Management Team
John Davis, Interim Chancellor
Amanda Alexander, Deputy Chief of Elementary Schools
D. Scott Barash, General Counsel
Josephine Bias Robinson, Chief of Family and Public Engagement
Shanita Burney, Deputy Chief of Community Engagement
Corinne Colgan, Deputy Chief of Literacy and Humanities
Anna Gregory, Deputy Chief of Staff for Communications
Crystal Jefferson, Chief of Talent and Culture
Jason Kamras, Chief of Instructional Practice
Brian Pick, Chief of Teaching and Learning
Eugene Pinkard, Deputy Chief of School Turnaround and Performance
Rachel Skerritt, Deputy Chief of Leadership Development
Ken Slaughter, Senior Advisor to the Chancellor
Jane Spence, Interim Chief of Schools
Carla Watson, Chief Operating Officer
Peter Weber, Chief of Staff