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Gagosian Quarterly: Game Changer – Peggy Cooper Cafritz

Gagosian Quarterly: Game Changer – Peggy Cooper Cafritz

In 1998, Duke Ellington School of the Arts co-founder Peggy Cooper Cafritz recruited Cullen Swinson to join the faculty. He served as Ellington’s first Dean of Humanities and Director of Academics, and currently serves as the English Studies department chair. 

Mr. Swinson has honored the life and legacy of Ms. Cafritz by writing an article about her in Gagosian Quarterly, an international magazine devoted to visual arts and culture. Each issue includes a “Game Changer” feature, a spotlight on individuals who have made an enduring impact on the world of art. “Game Changers” in the past have included Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler, Betty Parsons, John Richardson, Grace McCann Morley, and more.

His history with the Ellington School co-founder gave Mr. Swinson special insight for the article. They shared a love for art – he’s a visual artist – and one of his paintings was among her collection until it was destroyed in a 2009 house fire.

Click here for full article. (Gagosian Quarterly, Spring 2020)