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"Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."

- Dr. Seuss

Duke Ellington School of the Arts

The Duke Ellington School of the Arts modernization is coming to an end! We expect to return to our Georgetown campus for the 2017-2018 school year. Notices will be placed on the Ellington website once the transition back to our Georgetown campus is complete. In the meantime, you can find us at the below address:

Ellington @ Garnet-Patterson
2001 10th Street NW
Washington, DC 20001-4007
● Arts Departments
● Administrative Offices
● Ellington Fund

Main Office – (202) 282-0123

2016-2017 Administration, Faculty & Staff

Name/PositionContact Information
Harriette Ecton
(Chief Development Officer)
Phone: 202.299.5606
Donna Hollis
(Director of Student Affairs)
Tracie Jade Jenkins
(Director of Arts)
Phone: 202.727.4133
Sandi Logan
(Interim Head of School)
Ronald Lee Newman
(Director of Operations and Collaborative Programming)
Phone: 202.727.8764
Savannah Overton
(Director of Admissions)
Phone: 202.299.5896 (office) & 202.631.3129 (cell)
Dr Cameron Van Patterson
(Director of Academic Curriculum and Instruction)
Name/PositionContact Information
Sylvester Barnes
(Student Safety and Security Coordinator)
Phone: 202.282.2371
Melissa Bethea
(Library Media Specialist)
Aaron Cain
(IT Coordinator)
Larry Davis
(Educational Counselor)
LeNae Franklin
(Registrar & Records Coordinator)
Phone: 202.727.6404
Delphenia James
(School Nurse)
Phone: 202.282.0099
Shanta James
(Cafeteria Manger)
Traci Johnson
(DC-CAP (College Access Program) Coordinator)
Angela Jones
(Attendance Counselor)
Phone: 202.299.5916
Lisa Jones
(Instructional Coach)
Brenda Nishimuna
(School Psychologist)
Suwana Reavis
(School Counselor)
Brittany Robertson
(Assistant Director of Arts)
Maxine Stone
(Executive Administrative Support Manager)
Phone: 202.282.0123
Tedra Williams
(School Counselor)
Ellington Fund
Name/PositionContact Information
Wanda Carrington
(Director of Annual Fund, Foundations & Government Grants)
Phone: 202.671.1341
Harriette Ecton
(Chief Development Officer)
Phone: 202.299.5606
Jerome Hopkins
(Staff Accountant)
Phone: 202.299.5836
Brian Nielsen
Phone: 202.299.5609
Heather Pollak
(Development Associate and Special Projects Coordinator)
Phone: 202.299.5663
Noemy Rivera-Gutierrez
(Administrative Assistant & Office Manager)
Phone: 202.299.5663
Cheryl Wiggins
(Business Manager)
Phone: 202.299.5651
Facility/Custodian Staff
Name/PositionContact Information
Clarence Andrews
Xavier Coleman
Gabriel Garcia
Alonzo Hinnant
(Head Custodian, Facility Manager)
Dale Lonon
Celina Ochoa
Name/PositionContact Information
Brandelyn Anderson
(English IV, AP Literature and Composition)
Gabrielle Dubose
(English II)
Tiffany Jackson
(English III & AP Language)
Sarai Reed
(Honors English)
Cullen Swinson, Chair
(English I)
Health & Physical Fitness
Name/PositionContact Information
Beverly Clavon
Leonard Nelson
(Physical Education)
Nikki Sutton-Mackey
(Physical Education, Modern Dance)
Phone: 202.299.5900
Name/PositionContact Information
Michele Burbank
(Algebra I Academy, Algebra I, Honors Algebra I)
Rachel Hamstra
(Honors Geometry, Probability & Statistics, AP Statistics)
Jonathan Jones
(Algebra I, Algebra II, Honors Algebra II)
Avery Nielsen
(Geometry, Algebra II)
Charise Shaw, Chair
(Pre-Calculus, Calculus, AP Calculus)
Name/PositionContact Information
Michele Baskin, Chair
(Chemistry, AP Chemistry, Honors Chemistry)
Jacqueline Nickerson
(Anatomy and Physiology)
Eileen Pascucci
(Chemistry, Honors Biology, AP Biology)
Jaime Ratkoff
(Physics, Biology)
Lunden Smith
(Biology, Environmental Science)
Social Sciences
Name/PositionContact Information
Jordan Dickson
(Street Law)
Jonathan Fruendt
(World History II, AP World History)
Reggie Melbrough
(US History, AP US History)
Lynn Moore, Chair
(World History, Geography I)
Nicolas Ojeda
(DC History, US Government, AP US Government, Street Law)
Specialized Instruction
Name/PositionContact Information
Seth Brecher
(Special Education, College Summit)
Troy Cudworth
(Special Education, Study Skills)
Channita Fraser
Nicole Strohman, Chair
(Special Education Coordinator)
Crystal Sylvia
(School Social Worker)
Roz White
(Musical Theatre)
World Languages
Name/PositionContact Information
Laura Moticka
(Italian I - III)
Yura Schreiber
(French II, Spanish I, II & IV)
Diannette Soto
(Spanish I, II, & III)
Primrose Tishman, Chair
(French I - V)
Name/PositionContact Information
Charles Augins, Chair
(Ethnic Dance, Dance Technique, Dance Potpourri, Ballet)
Phone: 202.299.5900
Melvin Deal
(African Dance, Drummer)
Phone: 202.299.5900
Sandra Fortune-Green
(Ballet Composition)
Phone: 202.299.5900
Treanna Reid-Alexander
(Dance Improvisation, Dance Orientation, Modern)
Phone: 202.299.5900
Katherine Smith
(Dance History, Modern, Senior Project)
Phone: 202.299.5900
Nikki Sutton-Mackey
(Physical Education, Modern Dance)
Phone: 202.299.5900
Neil Whitehead
Phone: 202.299.5900
Nina Willner
Phone: 202.299.5900
Instrumental Music
Name/PositionContact Information
Norman Brentley
(Flute Technique, Flute Ensemble)
Victoria Alma Castello
(Applied Piano Technique, Applied Pipe Organ Technique)
Amanda Collins
(French Horn)
Isaac Daniel, Chair
(Orchestra, Guitar Technique, Conducting)
Leslie DeLaine
(Music Theory, Violin Technique)
Tyra Flotte
(Clarinet Technique, Clarinet Ensemble, Wind Ensemble, Radical Elite Show Band, Music Theory II, Concert Band)
Dupor Georges
(Lower Brass, Wind Ensemble, Concert Band, Theory)
Lynne Gray
(Piano Theory, Music History)
Heather Haughn
(Violin & Viola Technique, String Ensemble, Concert Band)
Kieron Irvine
(Trumpet Tech I-IV, Wind Ensemble, Radical Elite Show Band)
Carolyn Kellock
(Bass Technique, Music Theory)
Mark Meadows
(Vocal Jazz Ensemble, The Mellow Tones)
Haewon Min
(Music Theory II, Accelerated Piano, Piano Ensemble, Piano Technique, Piano Theory, Harp)
Paul Morgan
(Composition, Music Theory III)
Janet Peachey
(Music History, Music Theory, Composition, AP Theory)
Denna Purdie
(Cello Technique, Music Theory II)
Francis Thompson
(Percussion Technique, Music Theory)
Kika Wright
(Oboe & Bassoon)
Davey Yarborough
(Jazz Studies Director, Saxophone Technique, Jazz Orchestra)
Literary Media & Communications
Name/PositionContact Information
Kelli Anderson
(Mass Media and Communications I-III, Media IV)
Micha Green
(Creative Writing, Journalism I, Play Analysis for TDP)
Koye Oyedeji
(Writing Workshop)
Jami Ramberan
(Media I, II, III)
Mark Williams, Chair
(Senior Project, Playwriting/Play Analysis, African American Literature, Playwriting for Theater Seniors)
Museum Studies
Name/PositionContact Information
Nekisha Durrett
(Photography I & II, Exhibit Design I & II, Museum Registration and Conservation, Art History I & II)
Jarvis Grant
(Digital Media)
Elisabeth Palmer
(Museum Education & Interpretation; Art History I; Archives, Collections, and Exhibitions I)
Takicha Roundtree
(Yearbook; Yearbook for Museum Studies; Exhibit I & II; Museum Communications)
Marta Reid Stewart, Chair
(Curatorial Skills; Introduction to Museum Studies; Survey of World Art; Art and Culture; and Senior Internship)
Technical Design & Production
Name/PositionContact Information
Thomas Carter
(Stage Design II (scenic), Stage Design I (scenic), Senior Seminar, Theatre Production)
Micha Green
(Creative Writing, Journalism I, Play Analysis for TDP)
Jerrett Harrington
(Stage Lighting; Technical Production 1 (lighting))
Robin Harris
(Basic Costumes; Entertainment Careers 1; Basic Stage Craft)
Nicole Leonard
(Production Manager; Stage Management; Theatre Operations 1; Theatre Management 1; Theatre Operations 3)
April Sturdivant
(Theatre Design 2 (sound), Audio Visual Technology)
Name/PositionContact Information
Nicole Brewer
(Acting II & III, Intro to Theatre)
Denise Diggs
(Speech I, II & III)
Billie Holmes
Ken Johnson, Chair
(Senior Projects, Acting IV, Theatre Styles, Playwriting)
Vera Katz
Dawn Naser
(Movement, Acting I, Theater Operations)
Eric Ruffin
(Theatre History, Play Analysis)
Roz White
(Musical Theatre)
Visual Arts
Name/PositionContact Information
Melchus Davis
(Drawing I, Drawing III, Painting I, AP Studio Art)
Mike Easton, Chair
(Drawing I, Drawing III, Painting I, Painting II, Art and Design Foundations)
Derek Horton
(Digital photography, Intro to Digital Media, Graphic Effects, Senior project, Art and Design Foundations)
Kimberly King
(Drawing II, Printmaking, Art and Design Foundations, Sculpture)
Mark Walker
(AP Art History, Drawing IV, 2D Concepts, Art History, Art and Design Foundations)
Vocal Music
Name/PositionContact Information
Samuel Bonds, Chair
(Vocal Technique, Concert Choir, Opera Workshop)
Chester Burke Jr.
(Piano Theory I, Piano Theory II, Vocal Accompanist)
Michael Crabill
(Vocal Coach, Accompanist)
Daphne Dunston-Wharton
(Vocal Technique, Concert Choir, Opera Workshop, Sight Singing)
Michael Ely
(Vocal Coach, Accompanist)
Brent Gossett
(Sight Singing II)
Lester Green
(Sight Singing I, Accompanist)
Dr. Monique Holmes, Chair
(Vocal Technique, Diction, Concert Choir, Show Choir)
Mark Meadows
(Vocal Jazz Ensemble, The Mellow Tones)
Evelyn Simpson-Cureton
(Accompanist, Organ)
Andrew Smith
(Sight-Singing III-IV & Concert Choir)
Sylvia Twine
(Voice Technique, Music History, Sight Singing, Female Ensemble Sophisticated Ladies)
Roz White
(Musical Theatre)
Sesheida Young
(Sight Singing I)