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Melchus Davis

Mike Easton

Mike Easton

Mike Easton

The Chair of the Visual Arts Department, is a graduate of the Howard University College of Fine Arts in Washington, DC where he received his B.F.A and M.F.A.  In 1999, the Giant Food Corporation commissioned Mr. Easton to paint six panels for their 7th edition of “Profiles in Excellence”, a celebration of African American heritage. Easton has completed numerous commissions, most notably “Legacy of our Sound” at Howard University.  Mr. Easton has sojourned to East Africa, Europe, South America and the Caribbean.  In addition to travel and awards, it was during his years at Howard University he learned the purpose and function of his work as an African American artist.  He discovered that the proper use of African American subject matter is rooted in an intrinsic to quintessential American themes.  More importantly it is rooted in interpretation of the African American to himself, within and in contrast to the cultural context of the American experience.


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Kimberly King

Mark Walker


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