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Visual Arts

What we are looking for

Ellington is looking for students with potential who demonstrate their passion for the visual arts.  Successful students show strong observational skills and hand-eye coordination.

What to bring/how to prepare

Students must bring the following to their audition:

  • A portfolio of at least five (5) or more works of art – on white drawing paper, 8-1/2 x 11-inch paper or larger – with at least one each in the following categories:
    • A self-portrait, realistic to the best of the student’s ability,
    • A drawing of a bicycle,
    • A drawing of an open closet in their home (use color: pencils, makers or watercolors),
    • A drawing of a landmark in the city,
    • Free choice of anything of your own creation.

The 5 portfolio items above are mandatory. If you have additional portfolio item and/or a sketch book, you are welcome to bring these in as well.

The audition process itself

All students auditioning in the Visual Arts will be required to produce a drawing from a still-life during the audition, write a short essay about the form and content of a work of art presented in their portfolio, and discuss their portfolio during their interview with a Visual Arts faculty member.

Have a successful audition

  • Take time and care with your required sketches.
  • Be prepared to discuss your work.
  • Present yourself well – arrive on time, and speak clearly and confidently.


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